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Editing and Consulting Services for MBA Admissions

A great GMAT score gets the serious attention of your target MBA program, but it’s just part of the total equation. The MBA admissions committee also considers your application for leadership potential and fit with the program. Austin GMAT Review offers end-to-end comprehensive consulting services for MBA admissions, including a review of your essays and resume, to help perfect your application.


Your MBA application tells the story of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you hope to achieve. Crafting your story is half the battle. In addition, the MBA application must:

Ethics: Your work must be your own.  Austin GMAT Review provides expert feedback and editing, as well as advice specific to your target business school, but we will not write your essays for you, nor do your thinking for you.

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"I also used the essay editing service and was very pleased with the results.


....She provided excellent feedback on each essay so that the whole application told a complete story."

- Renu

Your GMAT score is one part of the picture.

To Schedule: Contact us by e-mail or phone. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a thorough review and feedback on your written effort.

  • Show your leadership.

  • Show your sincere interest in the business school.

  • Clearly answer the questions that the business school asked.

  • Convey your professionalism.

  • Be easy to read by a busy admissions gatekeeper.

  • Allow you to stand out (in a good way) from thousands of other MBA candidates.

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You are the only one who can tell your story, but it may difficult to achieve these objectives. Don’t do it alone. Austin GMAT Review gives you an independent, experienced review of your MBA composition, advice on how to strengthen your application, and professional editing for essays and resume. We have extensive experience helping international applicants.

For the best application, begin more than one month in advance.

What's Included in the End-to-End Comprehensive  Services

Review and Editing of MBA Compositions

Stand-out MBA essays take planning, thought, and several drafts. Submit what you consider to be your final essay drafts (not a rough draft) and your best resume to Austin GMAT Review at least two weeks before the application deadline. An editorial expert will conduct a thorough review, provide you with detailed comments and feedback for any necessary improvements, and edit your final product.


Up to Three Revisions on Essays per Business School Application

The editor may recommend that you choose another topic or make major changes and additions. You may have a brainstorm and decide to extensively revise an essay.  Either way, we want you to do your best work. Feel free to submit up to three revisions on essays per school.


Resume Review

Tailor your resume for the admissions committee – especially important for international applicants applying to U.S. business schools. Focus on your leadership. Avoid confusion and errors. The resume review is included in the editing service.


Unlimited Access to an Editor; Early Brainstorming Available

Your editor will be available via email and by phone for your questions throughout the process. For an additional fee, get 1-1 help with brainstorming on essay topics, and other editing services as needed throughout the admissions process.

"Both Dr. Amar and Elaine will go ABOVE AND BEYOND to guide you so you can reach your dream school.  Dr. Amar is amazing, the best there is. and Elaine is pure magic, she will help you bring out the best in you so you can transmit a compelling and unique story to the admissions committee.


Both Dr. Amar and Elaine are absolute professionals, they are experts in their fields and are passionate about each individual in the class.  They care so much personally for your success and will go out of their way to help you achieve their goals- seriously!"

- Alec

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Get an expert MBA essay review.

Preferred Pricing for Austin GMAT Review Students

End-to-End Comprehensive Services

$1000 first school


$695 for each additional school



- Andrés

"They offer not only the best GMAT prep ... but also a phenomenal resume and essay review and editing service.


I was just accepted into my top-choice grad program, and I am extremely grateful for Austin GMAT Review helping me every step of the way."

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