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GMAT Preparation: Frequent Questions

Q. Do I need work experience before I can take the GMAT?

A. No, the GMAT tests you on basic math and verbal abilities, not on business knowledge. Keep in mind, however, that most business schools expect you to have some amount of work experience to be considered for admission to their MBA programs.


Q. If I am in college, does it make sense for me take the GMAT?

A. You may consider getting the GMAT out of the way before you graduate. In some respects, it is easier to prepare for the GMAT while you are still in college. Your GMAT score is valid for five years after the test.


Q. If the GMAT tests only basic math and verbal skills, why should I study for the GMAT?

A. Even if you are very good at verbal and quantitative skills, methodical preparation and practice give you a significant edge and encourages your best performance on test day. Remember, your GMAT score is a critical component of your MBA admissions package; the higher the GMAT score, the better your chances of getting into an MBA program of your choice.


Q. What is the best GMAT preparation course?

A. In selecting from among different companies offering GMAT classes, here are some basic questions you need to ask:


  • Does the company specialize in GMAT preparation, or is it selling courses for a myriad of standardized tests such as SAT, GED, GRE, LSAT, MCAT and TOEFL?

  • Who will be your instructor? What percentile was his/her GMAT score?

  • Does the instructor have an advanced degree and teaching experience, or is he/she a graduate student who happens to teach GMAT classes part-time?

  • Will the company let you meet your instructor before you sign up?

  • Does the GMAT test preparation company have a constant physical presence where you can visit, or is it based far away (and out of reach)?

  • Does the company offer a full-length GMAT course with time allowed for the students to comprehend the course materials, or does it run a crash course that crams all the material into 1 or 2 weekends?

  • What is the maximum class size? What level of individual attention can you expect?

  • Whom can you call if you are working on a practice problem on Sunday and get stuck?


We encourage you to ask these and any other questions you have of us and our competitors. We believe you will find that we have the best GMAT preparation program for Monterrey.


Q. Where do I register to take the GMAT in Monterrey?

A. See the page About GMAT.


Q. Do you offer a virtual or online course for GMAT prep?

A. Yes. Although we believe strongly in face-to-face interaction between the students and the instructor in a classroom setting, with the danger of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we place the safety and health of our students above all, and so we are now providing our GMAT classes live online.


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