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GMAT Math Bootcamp

The Math Bootcamp covers math basics you need to know before you can start doing more advanced GMAT math.


Basics in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are covered in the 6-hour bootcamp. The bootcamp is included at no extra charge as part of GMAT Plus.

Do You Need The Bootcamp?

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 "I was finally able to reach 700 points, with a quantitative score 50 out of 51. It was only possible thanks to Austin GMAT Review, especially since I hadn't done math for years after graduation and my major was in liberal arts, far from math or engineering."                                                                                                                                     

- Misoran

Attend the GMAT Math Bootcamp to prepare in advance for the more advance math on the GMAT exam.

Take the 10-minute self-assessment quiz below. As on the GMAT, you may use a paper and pencil, but you may not use a calculator. If you did not answer at least 6 questions correctly, we suggest that you plan to attend a bootcamp!

The Math Bootcamp is included with GMAT Plus.