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  • GMAT Classes - Take as many classes as you can while you are in Austin.

  • GMAT Math Bootcamp - Attend a math bootcamp, offered at least once a month.

  • Group Practice Sessions - Attend our practice sessions, which are offered once a week.

Maybe you are able to stay in Austin for only two or three weeks. Or perhaps you need extra time to work on an area of weakness such as GMAT verbal. No problem. Whether you're in Austin for a short or long time, we can accommodate you with GMAT Custom's flexible scheduling.

GMAT Custom:

25 or 30 Hours of Tutoring + All the Classes You Want

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 "I took my GMAT a few weeks ago, and ended up with a score of 750 (98%/51 in math and 89%/40 in verbal).


Best of all, I did not waste time and effort in studying unnecessary books/ material/strategies, and concentrated only on the important stuff the GMAT really cares about .


I highly recommend this test prep company to anyone really serious about the GMAT."

Comentarios sobre curso de preparación GMAT de Austin GMAT Review para Monterrey, México (en anglaise)

- Karan

Our students typically arrive from Monterrey the day before GMAT Math Bootcamp, and stay 2-4 weeks, combining evening classes with daytime tutoring. But whatever your schedule of GMAT preparation is, we can work to accommodate it.


In addition to getting personalized 1-1 tutoring help with your GMAT preparation during your time in Austin, take advantage of our excellent small group experience:

GMAT Custom

Year 2018 Price: $2,800

Includes 25 hours tutoring


GMAT Custom Max

Year 2018 Price: $3,200

Includes 30 hours tutoring

1-1 GMAT Tutoring (25 hours or 30 hours)

Get valuable 1-1 tutoring time with an experienced professor.  Our typical student from Monterrey uses tutoring time during the day to supplement the evening GMAT classes and take full advantage of study time in Austin. You may also use receive tutoring support via Skype after you return to Monterrey.


All of the Sessions from GMAT Plus Class (56 hours)

Contact us with your schedule in advance, and we will create a plan that incorporates our small group GMAT classes. The GMAT course is divided into 13 sessions covering GMAT math and GMAT verbal topics. Read more about the GMAT Plus Class.


GMAT Math Bootcamp

The six-hour GMAT Math Bootcamp is a refresher math course held on the Saturday before the start of your GMAT course. It is included at no additional charge in the GMAT Custom course package. Read more about the GMAT Math Bootcamp.


GMAT Practice Sessions

Every week, Austin GMAT Review offers a GMAT practice session. These sessions allow students to learn the fastest methods to solve their most difficult GMAT math questions. Attend as many of these practice sessions as you wish, bring your questions, and hear others' questions, too.

A GMAT Course Tailored to Fit Your Schedule

"La verdad creo que vale mucho la pena, y en serio que es una persona muy profesional que se adapta a tus fortalezas y debilidades, analiza muy bien tus problemas y te ayuda a ver cómo solucionarlos.


...Son 4 semanas de  trabajo y 100% GMAT... si, esta difícil pero vale la pena."

- Eglaim

GMAT Custom is offered exclusively to our students from Monterrey and Mexico City. Contact us with your schedule requirements, and we will design a GMAT preparation plan just for you.


Sign up for GMAT Custom to get 25 hours of 1-1 tutoring, or GMAT Custom Max to get 30 hours of tutoring.

What Is Included in GMAT Custom

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