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GMAT Plus:

1 Month GMAT Course; 56 Hours Class Time

Get the best preparation that you need to succeed on the GMAT. The comprehensive GMAT class gives you 50 hours of small group classroom instruction, divided among 13 sessions covering verbal and math topics and four intensive practice sessions. In addition, our six-hour GMAT math bootcamp is included.

What Is Included In Our 56-Hour GMAT Course

GMAT Classes Every Month

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Each core lecture class and practice session is led by an exceptionally qualified instructor who has not only scored in a high percentile on the official GMAT but also has a graduate degree and teaching experience.


In addition to rigorous classroom instruction and practice, you will receive a high level of personal attention. This is enabled by the small size of our classes, which are conducted in an intimate conference room environment. Need a question answered when you are back in Monterrey? Just contact your instructor and get your question answered.


GMAT courses that teach "tricks" and "shortcuts" may not yield high test scores. Austin GMAT Review's structured and well-paced GMAT course will. This is an advanced course. We teach the fundamentals and show you how to apply them to real GMAT problems in an efficient manner. At Austin GMAT Review we are committed to providing you with a rewarding GMAT preparation experience with the result you seek.

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GMAT Practice Sessions

As part of the GMAT course, Austin GMAT Review holds a GMAT practice session every week. These sessions allow students to bring questions, reinforce learning, and master difficult GMAT questions.


Pre-test Review of Strategy and Key Areas

As your official test date gets closer, you will benefit from a personal 1-1 consultation focused on practical ways to maximize your GMAT score. Based on a review of your individual GMAT practice test, we will work with you to develop a strategy to achieve your best possible score. If you are back in Monterrey, we will consult with you over Skype or a similar method of communication.

Comprehensive GMAT Class (50 hours)

The 50-hour GMAT course is divided into 13 well-paced sessions: nine sessions covering GMAT math and GMAT verbal topics, and four intensive GMAT practice sessions. Visit our U.S. website to find the current schedule of GMAT classes.

GMAT Math Bootcamp (6 hours)

The GMAT Math Bootcamp helps refresh your math basics before you start learning more difficult GMAT math content. The bootcamp is usually held on the Saturday before the start of your GMAT course. Read more about the GMAT Math Bootcamp.








Cannot Stay in Austin for One Month?

For an excellent GMAT score, take an excellent GMAT course with Austin GMAT Review.

Year 2018 Price: $1,790

"Austin GMAT Review not only helped me improved my GMAT score amazingly from 420 to 680 but also helped me believe and give me peace of mind to achieve my GMAT score. ...


I am very thankful and sincerely appreciate the help of Dr. Amar, Dave and Elaine."

- Rafael

For Austin GMAT Review's refund policy, please see the Enrollment Agreement.

Not a Simple Introductory Course

Core Session 1:   3.5 hours:   Math - Basic Arithmetic, Percents, Statistics: Review and Practice        

Intensive Practice Session 1:  4 hours:  GMAT Math Data Sufficiency System and Short-cuts

Core Session 2:   3.5 hours:   Math - Work, Speed, Sequences, Functions, Operations, Ratios, Mixtures, Unit Conversions: Review and Practice          

Core Session 3:   3.5 hours:   Math - Algebra, Venn Diagrams, Exponents: Review and Practice  

Intensive Practice Session 2:  4 hours:  GMAT Math Practice - Q & A

Core Session 4:   3.5 hours:   Math - Geometry and Coordinate Geometry: Review and Practice

Core Session 5:   3.5 hours:   Math - Number Properties, Prime Integers, Divisibility, Integer Equations, Other Advanced Topics: Review and Practice

Core Session 6:  3.5 hours:   Verbal - Sentence Correction: Review and Practice

Core Session 7:   3.5 hours:   Verbal - Sentence Correction: Practice

Intensive Practice Session 3:  4 hours:  GMAT Math Practice - Post-Mortem of Math Practice Tests Completed by You                                

Core Session 8:   3.5 hours:   Verbal - Critical Reasoning: Review and Practice

Core Session 9:   3.5 hours:   Verbal  - Reading Comprehension: Review and Practice

Intensive Practice Session 4:  6.5 hours:  Integrated Reasoning Concepts and Practice; GMAT Verbal Practice - Computer Adaptive Test


The above schedule reflects the instructional time at Austin GMAT Review, and does not include the diagnostic test and additional practice tests that you will take on your own time. In an effort to continuously enhance your GMAT content learning and practice, we may periodically make modifications to the structure of these sessions.

"La clase que imparte Dr. Amar es genial.


Dr. Amar tiene las mejores metodologías para atacar todos los temas, mi mejora se vio reflejada en la parte verbal en donde aumente desde el percentil 30 al percentil 80. Cualquier persona que esté interesada en obtener un muy buen puntaje de GMAT tiene que tomar sus clases."

Comprehensive GMAT Course Curriculum

- Javier

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Austin GMAT Review!


Dr. Amar and Dave Lyon were both great teachers and made the GMAT much less daunting. Dr. Amar is a GMAT guru who can break down complicated problems into simple algebra or arithmetic."

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As our students will tell you, studying with Austin GMAT Review is worth the time and travel from Monterrey. We provide you with excellent preparation for GMAT verbal and math topics.


The GMAT verbal section tests your powers of analysis and ability to look at an argument critically, as well as your knowledge of grammar and writing. Learn how to use logic to analyze the answer choices. We have extensive experience helping non-native English speakers improve the GMAT verbal score.


Do you need to be an expert at probability or permutations to receive a high GMAT math score? You may be surprised by which topics really move your math score. Austin GMAT Review focuses on the topics that actually matter, and provides efficient approaches to tackling GMAT math problems.

- Luis

"The quality of the program is simply unmatched.


My class had students that traveled from all over Texas and some that traveled from outside the country to study with Dr. Amar."

- Ben

$250 non-refundable deposit required

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