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 "Thank you for all of your help! It really did make a big difference."

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Comentarios sobre curso de preparación GMAT de Austin GMAT Review para Monterrey, México (en anglaise)

 "Dr. Amar of Austin GMAT Review is an incredible teacher who recognizes his students' individual strengths and weaknesses

...and helps them to realize their GMAT score objective."                                                                                

- Myles

"Dr. Amar is a world-class instructor with years of experience and in depth knowledge of the GMAT.

Furthermore, Dr. Amar is an extremely empathetic individual that truly cares about the success of his students."

- Amir

Austin GMAT Review offers you a set of highly flexible and open choices.


To strengthen your GMAT performance in areas that require extra attention, you may sign up for 1-1 tutoring in two-hour increments, with no minimum requirement. Each GMAT tutor is a top-notch instructor who will work with you to improve specific areas of need on the GMAT, whether it be critical reasoning or sentence correction or algebra.


Many GMAT test prep companies require you to purchase a minimum package of 15 hours or more. We do not. If all you need is a few hours of tutoring, we can still accommodate you.


However, if you do need an excellent GMAT preparation and believe you will need many tutoring hours, we invite you to consider a GMAT Course or our GMAT Immersion Course.

Price: $250/hour (2 hour minimum). Students enrolled in our GMAT courses will receive a 40% discount.  

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You may also pay by money transfer, prior to tutoring. Contact us for payment options.

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